Very.  Painful.  Burns.  I have that special wax that jumps out of your hand when you take it out of the microwave….  don’t Google it, just trust me it exists.  Burns on my right arm and thumb.  Ouch!  So, three hours and one trip to the hospital later, I still look like a jungle woman, except for the patches of hair that are missing from my arm.    I did have to make a trip to CVS to replace the jar-o-wax, and I haven’t quite figured out how I’m going to get the dried wax off of my kitchen floor and counters, but all in all, I’d have to say it’s been a pretty successful day of waxing…

Well, I did save $10 by waxing at home


Physical Therapy

Excruciating pain in my lower back.  On a scale of 1 to 10?  8, if I’m not being dramatic.  What helps the pain?  Nothing.  This is the conversation I have with my doctor once a month.  t started when I was pregnant with Elliot and it has just progressively gotten worse.  I’ve been to see my physician, who said there was nothing wrong, I went to an orthopedist who told me there was nothing wrong, urgent care, emergency room, you name it, I went.  Finally, I took my healthcare into my own hands – which I recommend to everyone, because at the end of the day, all you are is a paycheck to your doctor – and told my doctor that I wanted an MRI of my spine.  Findings:  Herniated disc…..  so there IS something wrong….  so I’m NOT just imagining the pain….  so I’m NOT a druggie looking for pain medication…  what you’re telling me is, that my back does actually hurt?  Lovely.  It hurts when I stand, it hurts when I sit, it hurts when I lay down, it really hurts if I bend over, and probably the most painful of all:  It hurts when I can’t pick up my kids.  So today, I’m going to physical therapy.  I’m very excited.  At first when my doctor suggested it, I thought, “Oh great, what a crock.  My insurance is going to pay for someone to stretch with me.”  But, I’ve spoken with a few people that say it is a God send!  I hope they’re right.  I hope that one day in the near future, I will have a day without pain.  Wow, this post is super dramatic….  but seriously, it hurts, and anyone that knows me knows that I do not do pain.

Scary part:  My doctors would have continued to tell me that nothing was wrong if I hadn’t demanded an MRI.  My grandfather passed away last year – which is a topic for a different day – and I bet he would still be here if the doctors had listened to his concerns.  My advice to everyone is know your body, and when you feel that something is wrong, don’t take no for an answer.  Be annoying, be dramatic, whatever it takes.  Luckily for me, it is just a back injury, nothing life threatening.  I have learned a valuable lesson from this though.  You have to be in control of your body.  When you feel like something is wrong, generally you’re right.  You can’t leave it up to the doctors.  It is their job to get you in and out of their office in 15 minutes.  I was told for four years that nothing was wrong, because my x-ray didn’t show anything.

So, I’m off.  I’ll let you know how it goes 😀


I. Can’t. Sleep.

So frustrating.  I have an amazing infant.  He sleeps through the night, he’s generally happy, he’s definitely a mama’s boy, and did I mention he sleeps through the night??  The problem?  I.  Can’t.  Sleep.  For four days now!  At about 11:00pm, I start getting a second wind and I can’t go to sleep.  I can’t even try to go to sleep.  I can’t keep my eyes closed.  And then I start hearing noises, so I get scared.  I end up on the couch, and at about 7:00, right when Elliot’s ready to get up for school, that’s when I can fall asleep.  Lame.  There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for it, just general insomnia.  Which is so weird!  I love to sleep, and I’ve never had a problem falling asleep.  It’s one of my all time most very favorite things to do!  I love it more than cake, and that says a lot.  I really, really, love cake.  I can generally fall asleep anywhere.  Any suggestions for sleep would be greatly appreciated.  No drugs, please. They are scary.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I have an amazing husband.  He’s amazing.  Amazing.  He works 3pm to 11pm everyday.  Since I haven’t been able to sleep, he’s gotten up with the baby every morning at his normal 8:00am wake-up time, so that I can go to sleep for a few hours.  He says I need sleep more than he does.  I think what he means when he says that is “If mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy,”  which is not in the least bit true!!!!  Ok, maybe a little.

My plan of action for the weekend:  Chores.  Lots and lots of chores.  Today I’m going to clean my cute little booty off and tomorrow, I’m going to paint Elliot’s room.  He has a new big boy bunk bed coming on Wednesday, but that’s an entirely different entry.  Who knows.  Maybe I can clean to the point of exhaustion.  That sounds like a fabulous time, and if you know me well enough, you know I’m not being sarcastic.  I love to clean too….  not nearly as much as sleep and cake, but still one of my favs.


Can't blame him for the lack of sleep!

Or him

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is not our day.  It never has been.  It probably never will be.  Let’s recap, shall we.

V-Day 1:  Trey and I had been dating for two months (or three weeks, if you ask him).  Of course, being the very cool, very laid-back girl that I am, I told Trey that I didn’t need anything, and we didn’t even need to go out to dinner.  So what did Trey do???  Nothing.  Nada.  Zero.  Zilch.  Zip.  Null.  Oh wait.  Yes he did.  He brought me a Dairy Queen cheeseburger.  Silly man.  I tried not to cry.  I did!!  I really, really, did!  But come on, we all know that I’m not really “laid-back” and everyone knows that even when a girl says “don’t get me anything for Valentine’s Day”, you cover your bottom!!!  I cried, he apologized for being such a man.  Game Over, day done.

V-Day 2:  Trey, being the genius that he is, realized that he better do something.  Anything to make this Valentine’s Day better!  After all, he couldn’t have done much worse!  We were kinda broke, and we didn’t have a babysitter for Elliot, so Trey brought me the most beautiful Gerbera Daisies (my FAV, FYI), a card, and a big beautiful balloon.  Good job Trey, you learn very quickly and you’re amazing.  The next day, we get into an argument.  I pop the balloon, tear up the card, and cut my flowers to shreds….  Go me.  Very mature.

V-Day 3:  So, I think at this point we thought, “We’re doing so well.  We’re so happy together.  Why ruin it with Valentine’s day?”  Perfection.

V-Day 4:  Trey:  “Hey!  I got you pregnant!  That’s what you wanted, right?  I’m good for all Holidays this year.”  Epic fail.

So now we’re on Valentine’s Day number 5.  We’ve been happily married for almost two years, we have two beautiful children, and we’re generally blissfully happy.   Not to mention, there’s an infant sleeping between us every night…  need I elaborate??  So, it seems that Valentine’s Day this year will be a pretty uneventful day.  But I think I’ve grown.  I always believed that Valentine’s Day is the day that your man makes it known to the world how much he loves you.  It’s taken me 28 years to realize (and I think I heard it from a Hallmark commercial) that Valentine’s Day is not about what all Trey can do to show me he loves me.  He does that everyday.   It’s not about my man showing the world that he loves me, and the world doesn’t care anyway.  It’s about us showing each other how much we love each other.  But the thing is, we love and adore one another every day.  And although, I run the risk of sounding incredibly corny, everyday, in our house, is what Valentine’ Day should be.  We’ve been through so much darkness together and we came out the other side holding hands.  We show our boys every day how two people treat one another when they love each other.  THAT is the most important thing.  THAT makes us a success.  Now, I’m sure that I’ll get something, because Trey doesn’t make the same mistake twice (see V-Day one), but I will be so happy just to wake up on Monday, next to the man who I am so madly in love with, with the two healthy, happy children that we have created together.  I know that there is nowhere else in the world that I would rather be.

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get any better than this.  No, I’m positive it doesn’t get any better than this.  I never knew that this much happiness was possible, and I’ve found it in my wonderful husband that just can’t get Valentine’s Day right 🙂

I’m still not sure why he chose me, and I don’t know how he can just stare at me like I’m the only girl he’s ever seen. But he does, and I like it.  And I’m in love.  And if it does get better than this, I think I might explode!

Julian went to the doctor yesterday for his 4 month check up.  4 months!!  Where did the time go??  He is 15 lbs., 12 oz., and 25 inches long.  Yes, he’s humongous.  The doctor said that we can start baby food.  So, we tried, and here are the results:

Not a fan.  But it was fun.  We tried the nasty, tasteless rice cereal that they always tell you to start with.  That was never gonna fly, so I added bananas.  I hate bananas but I think banana baby food is yummy, so Julian was sure to love them.  Not so much.  Oh well.  We’ll try again later.

Daddy went shopping with me yesterday and bought Elliot a nerf gun.  A HUGE nerf gun.  Elliot was so excited when he got home from school.  He loved it!  It’s so funny to watch him play with it.  It’s so big, he has to put it on the floor the cock it and then pick it back up to shoot it.  It’s a little bit too big for him 🙂  I didn’t get a picture.  I was too busy taking video.  Very cute.

Well, I guess that’s all.  Just watching my babies grow, and enjoying every moment 🙂




Tony Horton is a sadist.  A cruel, cruel, man that loves to hurt you.  And, although it hurts so good, it still freakin hurts.  But I still have to thank him because one day in the near future, I will have a ghetto fabulous booty that my husband can set his beer on, and that will be a happy day.

Yes Tony, I see it, and I’m impressed.

Sunday Morning

I love Sunday mornings.  Sunday morning is daddy’s sleep in day….  and although I HATE getting up, once I get down here with the boys, it’s definitely one of my favorite times.   Julian is in his walker playing with the little bear toy, and Elliot…. well, I’ll give you one guess what Elliot’s doing.  That’s right!  he’s playing on his iPhone.  Well, not anymore.  I just turned on cartoons 😀