Neither of us have blogged in a very long time.  Sometimes, I guess, we just get so busy enjoying our lives that we forget to write it all down.  But now, our new baby boy is 4 months old.  Four months old!  It seems like yesterday that his due date came….  and went…  and still no baby.  I was not a happy pregnant girl at 40 weeks and 1 day…

Julian is a very smart, very strong baby.  I’m sure every parent truly believes that, but in our case, it’s actually true.  We get these weekly emails about the milestones that he should be hitting and we look at each other and say “He was doing that three weeks ago!”  It’s crazy.  Such an amazing kid.  When Elliot was a baby, he loved everybody!  He wanted to be held by everyone, and he wanted to talk to everyone.  Not Julian.  He is a mommy and daddy’s boy.  He’s not one for socializing, and he is definitely not one for dinner conversation.  He’s got these big brown doe eyes that he already uses to melt your heart, and these cute little monkey ears.  He always has a binky in his mouth that Daddy likes to refer to as his “excite-o-meter” because the speed and intensity of the sucking increases the more excited he gets, or when he sees someone that he loves.  Oh, and his feet!!  His little, wonderful, fat, feet!!!  They look like little buttered dinner rolls that you just want to eat!  They’re amazing.  I think I could just sit and study him all day.

Mommy and Julian

This kid has definitely turned our world upside down, in the most the most wonderful way.  The past four months have been amazing, and they’ve just flown.  It’s unreal.  Elliot is the most amazing big brother, and he’s so proud of Julian.  Trey’s completely in love, and well, my cup runneth over.  When I go to bed every night, I feel like everything is as it should be, and all is right with the world.  I didn’t think it was possible to be this happy, and here we are, living it everyday.  I’m going to lay in bed with my three boys now, and watch How to Train Your Dragon, for the 50 millionth time, and I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing.

Happy 4 Month Birthday my precious angel!


Ashley’s First Blog

So, I have an amazing husband who got me this really cool gift:  a website dedicated to professing our deep and undying love for each other…  or something like that.  BUT he’s failed to teach me how to use it until now.  Love you honey.

Elliot and I are going to Florida this week to visit my parents, and to go to Disney World.  Trey, unfortunately, can’t go 😦  Boo.  I feel like it’s my obligation to take Elliot on one really awesome special trip before we ruin his life with this Terminator Baby that we keep telling him about.  He’s about to enter a world of sharing toys, movies, and worst of all… parents!  That must be tough for a kid!  So anyway, that’s what my plan is.

The “terminator” baby is kicking the crap out of me… in the same place… repeatedly.  I don’t remember Elliot moving around so much this early on and when he did move, he was all over this place.  I think since this child has Trey’s genetics it is intentionally trying to irritate me as early as humanly possible.  I can almost hear that Trey laugh that we all know and love coming from the deepest, darkest parts of my uterus.  Kick away baby!  It just lets me know that you enjoyed that oh so cheesy and delicious potato soup just as much as mommy did.  And mommy REALLY did.

On April 22nd we find out what we are having.  I’m so excited!  It’s like an early birthday present   I think Trey and I both are ready to know.  I don’t know how women can go through their entire pregnancy without knowing.  I feel an overwhelming need to prepare and organize and clean the crap out of everything.  Waiting through four months of pregnancy is a big enough surprise for me.

I guess Elliot and I are going to watch The Incredibles now and try to fall asleep.  He can quote a lot of the lines in this movie…  Is that a bad thing??

Doctor’s Visit

So, we went to the doctors office yesterday for the monthly baby-stuff visit. They took blood and she had an ultrasound done. I’d never seen one of those done before. The baby, of course, was still tiny but we could hear its heartbeat… that was cool.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has never been nice to us. For some reason, despite our best intentions, things just never seem to work out on that day. Admittedly, our very first Valentine’s Day issue was entirely my fault. We had only been together a few months and she said that she didn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day – you can all see where this is going. I stupidly believed her and calamity ensued.

That first day seemed to set a precedent for each Valentines that has followed. In an effort to step up my game (as I’ve tried to do each subsequent year), I’ve decided to build her a website devoted to our family. Will she like it? There’s no reason that she shouldn’t, but history says that something will go wrong 😉

For anyone else reading this – it is my intention to do more for her than just this website, but this is supposed to be the “special” thing that I make myself… like one of those messed up hearts you cut in elementary school only updated for the current times.